b2b & strategic tie-ups

With the advent of economic know how, businesses have grown manifold using various methods spanning from conventional buying and selling to partnerships, cross ventures, promotions and the likes.

B2B or business to business marketing which is imperative to the growth of various sectors of business has evolved over the years and is far more advanced in the current scenario. It has ceased from being just a sales oriented process to a strong long term business relationship. These relationships continue long past the initial tie up and involve ongoing communication and discussion. This leads to a very strong brand loyalty from the purchasing business.

Breigns LLC. acts as a catalyst in this field and forges head turning partnerships between its clients enabling a clear win-win situation for those involved.

A classic example is the KALYAN RAKBANK GOLD CARD wherein Breigns LLC. initiated and executed the concept of gold redemption for the first time in the region. This breakthrough idea resulted in resounding success and continues to build sales for both Kalyan Jewellers and RAKBANK to this day.

The Global Audi Campaign launched across the Middle East and India drew over XXXX customers over a period of two months where in 30 Audi cars were given away. Such an initiative is unprecedented and benefitted both Kalyan and Audi. And the end consumers who aspired for a luxury car had the opportunity to own their favourite sedan.